Sunday, September 30, 2007

Helping dogs at shelter

Today at usual we went for our showering session. Mummy saw asd have a booth there selling stuff to help out dogs at the shelter. And Mummy do her part and buy this stuff from them.

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) is a non-profit society, with a no-kill philosophy which helps stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore by finding them new home and thus giving them a second chance at life. Those who interested to be a volunteer or to adopt a dog. Please visit their website : and give those dogs out there a second chance and have a place called homes.

Daddy brought us treat treat

Daddy brought all this for us today!!This is only part of the picture Mummy take. All in big quality cos Daddy take from supplier directly.
Because of this, 3 of us fight even thought Daddy give us 1 each. Mummy ask Daddy why buy so big bone for us. Too heavy for us to carry and bite. But Mummy was wrong cos we prove to her. We can even throw the bone here and there.

Photo is abit blur, this is bobby gor gor see how he enjoying himself with the big bone
Miki jie jie naughty naughty alway want to snatch my things. See she waiting for her chance.
Finally she got it, she got no strength to bite the bone so she drag all the way to the floor and bite it. haiz

Miki, Bobby, Joe : We will too happy when daddy come back with so many thing. Daddy brought all our favourite treat and milk for us. The moment he step inside the house. He say all those stuff for us. The 3 of us followed him everywhere until he throw us the bone. Thank you Daddy!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday 28 Sept

Recently nothing much to blog. This few days M was deciding whether to help to look after a 7 yrs old miniature schnauzer on 24/Oct - 9/Nov about 17 days. The owner need to go for a short holiday and may be longer period of time. On 24/Oct is M and D anniversary so if they take in the kids they may have to stay at home with us liao. So may need to celebrate early. Anyway M and D would not bear to with all of us alone at home. At first, thought maybe bring us out for dinner and walk and celebrate together with them for this happiness day. M and D been together for almost 6 yrs liao. They have know each other since M was 19 yrs old. wowooow so long liao. Bobby gor gor have been with them for almost 3 yrs, Miki jie jie have been them abt a yr. Me almost 2 yrs liao. Time pass very fast. Recently M started to tell us how she miss our puppy stage except Miki jie jie. Still remeber when gor gor was young abt 2 mth and until now so much changes. And i also sizes become big big now already 6kg liao. haha. M alway say she felt happy to stay at home and accompany us. But on the same time she tired also cos she need to work at the same time but luckily there support from D. She do not want any regret and want to grow up with us until we old. She treat all of us like her children and never treat us like dog. To her and D we will alway the most important one. Recently because of ava new law and regulation alot of dog been abandoned by their owner. But why those owner can bear to give up their dog to avoid paying the license or maybe they kept more than 1 or kept big dog in HDB. M do not like this law also but do we have a choice. Compare to the $5k fined for keeping un-license dog don't they think that their furkids worth more than that. M was telling D say that keeping a dog is not cheap but once you fall in love with them. $$$ does not mean anything liao.When you keep them they are like family member, want to provide them the best thing, best food or even nice accessories. Just like children when your children naughty can you just abandoned them. Of cos No leh. So when furkids make you angry or naughty there no way to abandoned them too. M hope all the owner out there can treat and love their furkids so that no more dog will be thrown on the street.

ps : M : Just my 2 cents.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mummy make us cake

As promise, Mummy make us a cake this evening after her dinner. Daddy did help abit by mixing the flour and feeding us. haha. We wait 40min for the cake to be ready. Bobby gor gor as usual wait infront of the oven. Me and Miki jie jie sit beside Mummy. Once we hear the ding, we run very fast to the oven there and wait for Mummy to take the cake out. Daddy say is nice but M and D never try this time because Mummy use our cosi milk which is for pets. Hehe so they can only smell but cannot taste. Mummy keep half of it for our meal tomorrow.
ps : Thank you Mummy and Daddy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My 3 baobei

Today we had oats for breakfast but we never finished. M think that maybe is our first time tasting the oats or we don't like the taste of oats with milk. We prefer oats cookie or cake. As usual when M working we have our nap. Then at 5 past D come back we will woke up liao. But today M using laptop so we can still sleep at her lap. I started to bark at our neighbour dog leo and M have to shout or carry me to calm me down. Now Bobby gor gor never bark but keep running circle and circle. M told D say i become Bobby gor gor the second liao. Haiz, so M have to start training me and stop me from barking. I'm a gentle boy so i just need a bit of attention from my human. M alway say when one dog the dog sleep whole day, two dog play like siao, three dog M gone crazy... haha

ps : I do not regret having you all. Love and hugs my 3 daring.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mummy busy busy

Recently, no home cooked food cos M too busy liao. So she too tired to cook us anything, only got cookie for us to eat. Last 2 days, Joe and Miki do not want to eat dog food and only drink plain water to full their stomach. At first, M wanted to give in to them. But decide not to, she don't want us to cut off our dog food. Once we don't eat our dog food and M need to go overseas and board us at pet shop. Then she headache liao. Finally, both of them give in liao guai guai eat their dog food. Last Sunday, M brought us rolled oats but until now we still don't have a chance to eat. So from tomorrow onwards, our breakfast will be oats with milk. The rolled oats need to be cooked for a few min then add our milk.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This song, 蔷蔷 by Ella. (Tribute to her dog)

The lyrics of the song:






没有烦忧 在梦里遨游

好狗狗 好狗狗











蔷蔷 蔷蔷






没有烦忧 在梦里遨游

好狗狗 好狗狗




















ps : Whenever M heard this song, tear is falling down. D asked what wrong, M say she cannot imagine one day either 1 of us is leaving she going to break down. D console her saying still got a long way to go. Why not we love them more and that day come at least they will in our heart forever and ever. Believe that they will be happy at the other world.

Oatmeal biscuit

This morning, M make us alof of oatmeal biscuit as our treat. And she stored it inside the refrigerator then when we want to eat she can reheat for us. We taste abit mmm... we like the taste and cant stop eating. 3 of us were begging for more but M say cant. Wait we don't want to eat our dog food. This few days M was too busy making us Home cooked food so we will asked to eat dog food. M say that Joe eat very little this few days. So she decide not to give us any treat from now on. Until we eat our dog food. And M yesterday meet up with Jessica and Ah mei auntie and of cos Jessica auntie little prince En-en( human baby) for dinner. Then they come over to our house and play with us. But en-en baby was afraid of bobby gor gor cos bobby gor gor keep wanting to go near him and lick his leg leg. Me and Miki jie jie don't really like to disturb him. We prefer to have human accompany. We don't mind to let human baby touch us. We are the gentle dogs in the house except Bobby gor gor. But don't be frightened away by Gor gor lor cos he only over-friendly to everybody.
PS : Thank you Jessica auntie for the mooncake and clothing for M and D. Come over to our house and play with us with little prince,en-en when you free...of cos include Ah mei auntie lor..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bernard uncle come over

Yesterday Mummy's brother come over our house. All the 3 of us stick to him,cos quite sometimes never see him liao. He had also grown up alot now can even come our house to stay overnight... we are so happy. M cook him maggie mee with 2 eggs for him to eat as supper.. we only can see can't eat. haiz. Bernard uncle use M computer that why M last night never update our blog lor. After that, he played M Psp until morning 4 am plus. They just went to sleep and leave us alone with uncle at the living room. Until now uncle still sleeping, we wake up to have our milk and breakfast liao..We also tired of accompany him whole night...we going to have our early nap. Bye!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New recipes : Pork & Liver with vegetable

All mix together become this...

Pork and Liver
Cauliflower and Cucumber

This is our dinner of the day, Afternoon Daddy come back chopped the Cauliflower and cucumber using the machine. But Mummy say Daddy over done cos too waterly liao. And is more like a syrup then vegetable.But we would blame him lor. He just want to prepare something for us. Daddy hugs hugs.. Muack muack

Wed morning, 19 Sept

Morning our breakfast is apple cake and banana cake... yummy yummy. We finished all and each had a bowl of milk.. bao bao liao.. After that, playing session started after Mummy's clean up everything.

Know why i ask mummy post this push toy, because of this. Morning i nearly fight with Bobbby gor gor lor. I take first but he snatch it from me then i growl at him. He growl back....

Mummy say i was gentle boy so end up i give him play lor.

Can guess who is this... hehe Me!Me! I take another toy to play...

Monster Bobby gor gor snatch again.....

Self-fish gor gor sleep with the 2 victory toy he win.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Enjoy our video - My 2 boys playing!!!!!

Tues, 18 Sept

M : Finally manage to take a nice photo for both of them. Have to try many times to get this. Next time have to take the 3 of them together.

Miki : I don't like to take photo lor, see M take the camera come i see some where else.
Joe : I like to take photo whenever i see M want to take photo of me, i will smile happily.
Joe : eee... see bobby gor gor so dirty go and lick Jie jie there. M shout and shout...

Bobby : M make banana cupcake for us, but due now we still don't have a chance to taste. Cos morning we just eat the apple cake..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mon,17 Sept.

Meat ball, look still okie leh. Taste even better.
Apple cake taste better but look lousy...
Bobby gor gor after grooming too tired to move
See how relaxing he slept.

Joe : Yesterday as usual we went for our showering session at vivo city pet lover. M and D went shopping and M brought a chopper so that she can chop those carrot and vegetable and cook for us to eat. D went to this harry pub at harbour front for his drinks and M play her psp for a few hours. Cos D play pool with others. At night then they come and fetch us then we home sweet home. M only manage to take bobby gor gor photo cos miki and i was really too tired to take any photo and entertaining her. So we hide ourselves inside the room and slept all night.....

Bobby : Early in the morning, i don't want to wake up. But M keep waking me up and drink the milk with Miki jie jie and Joe. I don't care so i hide myself inside the blanket. In the end lady boss give up liao just feed both of them. Haiz... finally i give in to her don't want her to be upset so i drag myself to kitchen to have my share of milk lor. M make us meat ball for tonight dinner and also don't know what that things she make. But the taste was quite good. At first i do not want to eat but see joe eat until so happily so i lick abit and abit... then taste not bad. But the look not nice. haha

Miki : I like the meatball M make, have my favourite pork and carrot with egg. Waiting for my dinner of the day...

Joe : M make the apple cake but hor, the look already not nice lei. But taste not bad. So Mummy please work harder to make the cake nicer..

ps : Dear babies, next time mummy will work harder leh. This is the first time mah, damm to be not nice lor. All readers please bear with us.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sun Morning, 16 Sept

Joe : I wake mummy up at 4am, i lick and lick until she wake up. She thought i am not feeling well so carrying me to living room. Cos daddy and bobby gor gor and miki jie jie was all sleepy soundly don't want to wake all of them up. I was not sick just that too boring can't sleep lor. Maybe due to the dream i had earlier on. I dream i was alone in a jungle and i cant heard or see any of my family... but i bark and bark no one come to me. Normally, if i had a a dream mummy will come and hug hug me. But today maybe she too tired never heard i bark. So she hug and talk to me, i already calm down and going to continue my sleep liao. Thanks mummy.. love u hug hug

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wed, 12 Sept 07

Mikie : First day at home
Miki : 2nd day at home after grooming
Miki : One week later
Miki: Few mths later
Miki: Current look
Joe : Our dinner, today M cook egg tofu, carrot, cabbage and pork with white rice for us.

Miki : Waiting for my turn to see vet, I thought i not scare of vet but today i scare until my whole body shake and shake. Suppose to see for the black spot on my body. Then the doctor found 1 of my breast got a lump. He told M and D say that now he can't tell them whether is it breast cancer or tumor . Say ask them to decided whether want to go for the test or surgery. Even when go for surgery if the cancer cell spread to the liver, kiney or any other parts of my body. Then will be no cure but if minor then just remove the things then i can live abit longer. Leave to M and D to decide. Then do a test on the black spot and the result is bacteria infection. Given medicine, cream and shampoo. Now M and D doing research on the breast cancer and maybe see another vet then they decide whether want me to go for the surgery. The prices is also quite high but if can cure me M and D going to let me try. But M scare that the risk is high and the vet say that maybe i older then 4 yrs plus. This is not the first time, i seen a vet previously the vet never mention about my age. M adopt me from a farm breeder and i have been breed for 3 to 4 times. When M adopt me i just given birth 2 mth and i very dirty and shedding alot. That guy at the farm only give me left over food for my meal. M fall in love with me and brought me over from him. The next day, M and D brought me to groomer and they shed off my fur and give me supplement for my shedding. I happily with my 2 brothers and love M and D. Hope i given a chance to live a little longer.

ps: Those who know information about breast cancer or anybody come across this illness. Please share with us. Thanks in advance.

Found spot on Miki body

Joe : Last night our M found a few black spot on Miki Jie jie body. She and Daddy got no idea what is that, so this evening bringing her to see vet. She seem itchy keep scratch and scratch, M guess maybe she is allegic to some food or having fungal. Or some skin infection... Haiz Mummy stop guessing leh after visit the vet, then know what wrong with her liao lor.
Bobby : Feeling very moody this morning wake up at 10am and drag myself to have my milk. Maybe due to raining, so don't feel like doing anything. I keep bark at M ask her to carry me, am i too pampered. Haiz, what to do i'm the prince of the house.
Miki : Wow i been snatching and snatching then keep got a scolding from M. She put on cream for me but i still feel itchy. I not scare of seeing vet like my 2 brother. So hope the vet can stop the itchy and cure me soon....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, 11 Sept 07

Miki : Joe after taking medicine was sleeping, and bobby too busy to snatch the bone from me. Haha so now i enjoying the rawhide bone myself...

Bobby : I so tired liao but still don't want to take my afternoon nap, cos the smell of the chicken making me crazy. I have to look after the oven at the kitchen for Mummy....

Bobby : Our M try this chicken fillet and dry using the oven, she want to make us the chicken jerky treat. But hor, still don't can eat anot. Now the smell and colour look quite nice, have to wait until evening then we can taste. I wait until my saliver drip and drip liao. Quick quick.

Miki : Today our dinner is this soup with brown rice. The ingredients are : Ikan bilis, carrot, pork and brocolli. Our M boil the ikan bilis with water first then after 30 min later she put the carrot in and make it soft then pork and brocolli. After that, when dinner time she will serve us with brown rice but of cos without the soup. Normally, she will put abit of soup on our rice only lor.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Update on Joe

Mummy : Thanks for everybody concern on joe, he recovering and still need to take medicine for abt 10 days. But his poo got no more blood and is normal. Now he eating well, playing with his brother and sister. And those who are cooking home cooked food for the furkids please share with me the recipes. I going to give my3 rascals home cooked food plus their kibbles.
Joe & Bobby & Miki : We love HCF and we finished our bowl of mix rice in few min. So M pls cook more and more nice nice food....

Home cooked food

Our dinner
This is the brown rice we been eating this few days
Veg, carrot and chicken

Greedy bobby waiting for his meal at the kitchen.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Stool got blood

I was so tired in the morning so taking a nap....
Waiting for my turn, but i do not want to take any photo. So i look somewhere else....

Bobby : Morning Joe dee dee poo poo got blood and very waterly. Mummy's got afraid called daddy immediately. Daddy book appointment with Dr Goh from Mount plesant animal hospital in the afternoon. Dee dee look tired and just sleep whole morning and even when i asked him to play he don't want also. He just follow and stick to mummy, i was so jealous so i keep bark and bark and bark to get attention from mummy.

Joe: At the hospial, i saw alot of dog but i was not interested in them. Bobby gor gor hide inside the carrier and do not want to come out. Daddy weight me i was 6kg and vet wanted to check my poo so go to the lab for the test. I was so braved not even cry daddy praised me cos previously bobby gor gor test but he cried until very loud. haha. Dr Goh say found nothing on my stool so i given mecidine to eat only. And he asked mummy to cook home cooked food for me for the time being.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New friends

Nowadays mummy say want us to make more new friends, she register us under the Dogs with blogs and start to visit other doggie blog and chat with them. Those who interested to link us please do so.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jie jie naughty naughty

Jie jie hor, really very naughty lei. She know her way to pee pee and poo poo at the urine pad in the day time. Then mummy's every morning wake up see urine in the living room or poo poo in the room. She so angry with her and tell her if she still continue like this going to put her inside the play pen until she know where to pee and poo. Don't what wrong with jie jie is she angry with mummy or want more attention. Every time, mummy's angry bobby gor gor and i will just hide one corner. Miki jie jie please train ur toilet train quick quick and don't make mummy angry lor.