Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy day!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Hot dog for our day care services. Our once in a while our M will brought us there to play and social with other dogs. Previously when bobby gor gor alone he was very aggressive towards other dogs now no more liao. Except big dogs cos maybe we are small and tend to protect ourselves. But after awhile we know each other we will start to play like siao dog liao. After playing sessions, we had our weekly bathed there also. M likes Hot dog because of their services. M and D see this little puppy over there and he was so playful when M walked away he will bark and bark. M got the eager to buy him but only think leh..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody!! Yesterday D went to attend his cousin wedding and M stayed at home with us and the 2 small vistors. We had fun with M and around 10pm we went to bed without waiting for D. Daddy came home with a small surprise for Mummy. Red wine with chicken, fried and salad for Mummy dinner and supper. Because of the smell of food we wake up but only can see cannot eat. D and M chat the whole night until 1 past then they went to bed. Early in the morning today, M and D went out for breakfast without us again. Haiz. Cos M and D went to order their new bed and will deliver over tomorrow. After reach home they spring cleaning the whole house and on the same time wait for Paris and Missy owner comes to fetch them. We miss the 2 jie jie alot i think they coming soon maybe on new year or chinese new year. M said never get any christmas present for us but tomorrow we will be going day care to play with other dogs and have our bathing session after that.

PS: 3 rascal wish : New toys every day, alot of treat and yummy food, 24 hrs stick with our human and go out gai gai every day........

Monday, December 24, 2007

The 3 Chihuahua

M put Paris and Missy jie jie with Miki jie jie. Both 3 quite happy with each other never growl They trying to smell each other back side and get know well.
Finally the 2 jiejie settle down and tired of walking around. Trying to get some sleep liao
Bobby gor gor very ke lian cos Missy jie jie bark and whine whole night and he have to act like big gor gor stay by her side to accompany her. Once he walked away, she whine again. For me, haha luckily she don't like me maybe i big in sizes whenever i go near her. She will growl and show me her mei mei teeth. Mummy said later she going to put the 2 jiejie with us and let us play. I hope she would bite at me if not i would be a gentle boy also liao lor. But haiz M sure stay and watch us leh so even i want to be notti also no choice.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

She growl at Bobby gor gor. Ask him go away.. We 2 boys very guai lor, whole night never go and disturb them. I even worst lor cannot even walked near or past the play pen if not she will growl and bark at me. I just want to be friendly leh, relax gals. Hope one day both of them can play with us. Btw forgot to mention that Miki jie jie still having her heat so she only allow to stayed inside room. So she miss all this fun. Nowadays, she eat, drink, pee and poo all inside room cos M said that she do not want to be Ah Ma so to prevent accidents Bobby gor gor is to stay away from her for me still okie leh i already sterlise and no interested in a old lady also. haha but hor still not allow to go inside room... haiz

Busy Sat

Mummy said very long never cook yummy food for us to eat liao. So yesterday, evening this is our dinner salmon, carrot, organice eggs with white rice put inside oven to baked for 30mins.
This is after-cooked look. Look yummy hor..
Uncle Lee put his 2 chihuahua boarding with us for 4 days. But they very fierce lei, this is not the first time they here. Remember their first time with us, keep growl at wan bite us. Haiz. This time better liao, at least they would bite or growl at us. And allow M to carry and play with them. But still don't want to play with us so no choice they have to stay inside the play pen with toys and rawhile. This is Paris Jie jie
This is Missy jie jie. She more notti lor, when i walked near the play pen she will snap at me. Maybe i big in size haha. She scare of me.
Guess what they seeing. Gor gor was biting his rawhile, and they waiting for M to give them .

Friday, December 21, 2007

We'll back!!

Our Mummy just come back yesterday from Thailand. She say she cannot find any pet shop there so never brought anything for us. But she brought alot of things for daddy. She said she gained alot of weights liao haiz now need to go on diet liao. So who have healthy recipes please share with our mummy. Daddy said recently bobby gor gor very notti lor keep humping him and lick and lick and lick. Mummy said Miki jiejie having her menses lor so gor gor got this kind of behaviour now we are not allow to go inside Mummy room anymore cos Miki jiejie inside. Haiz. Tomorrow Paris and Missy jiejie coming over to stay with us for 4 days cos their owners went for a short holiday and will come and fetch them on the 25th Dec. Just now Daddy open the play pen and put gor gor inside. He seem angry Mummy called him he don't want to see her and just lie down and ignore all of us.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Short holiday

Sorry for not posting this few days cos our M going for a short holiday at Hatyai on the 15th dec and come back on the 20th dec lor. We will have to stay at home alone when D go to work lor. But D will come back in the afternoon to play with us den go back to work. In the evening time he should be able to reach home liao lor. But we going to miss M alot lor. M say she going to miss us alot don't feel like going liao. haha Cos she cant hug hug us and see us so many days. M we will guai guai would fight and listen to D lor. You must buy alot of presents for us hor. hehe

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mummy mummy help can you please carry me down.. finally M keep say no ned scare jump jump then gor gor dare to jump.. D and M was laughing at our little prince. Gor gor since young dun dare to jump scare pain and alot more. haiz going to be 3 yrs old liao still like a baby boy not like me.. hahahahaha
I too angry liao leh. Don't take my picture leh
Haiz M keep called me joe gd boy leh. Take one nice nice photo mah after grooming. Handsome boy this and that. Give in abit leh. Show abit my bur song face leh

M was telling D said hor our house little princess very dirty one lei. Pee and poo there got cushion and towel for her to sleep on. She still like to sleep on her urine pad. Carry her there still come back to sleep on. Haiz.. Cos since young, jie jie got no training mah unlike us. She from a farm breeder so her cage was so small and she so bored eat at her own poo poo. M alway say hor need to have alot of patience lor cos sometimes she really very dirty. Have to c

Grooming Day

Today we went Hotdog at River Valley for our basic grooming. M left us there in the afternoon and went to collect her passport. Come back to fetch us in the evening. D brought this new bed for us. M say not for us to sleep cos we don't like to sleep on we prefer to sleep on the floor.
This ball got sound lei. D roll the ball on the floor and got sound come out from there. haha we got frighten and run away....M also buy us those packet rawhile in a shape of ball and bone. But she too lazy to get any picture liao..
Me trying to get up to the bed and test whether comfortable anot
Haiz, got chase away by bobby gor gor. See how clever he is take a bone and bite there.
Still don't want to get down. haha he dun dare to come out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wed, 5th Dec

Our toys all over the place. Guess who the naughty boys.. Hehe
Can guess who is this??
Now more clear liao.. haha Is me Joe dee dee
Bobby gor gor lying down under Mummy portable table. Cos Mummy using laptop to surf nets.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Naughty Bobby and Joe

Miki jie jie having her menses so Mummy put her inside the play pen. She sleep whole day or bite her rawhile and see both of us playing. Every time Jie jie having her menses Mummy have to pay more attention cos bobby gor gor is not sterlise scare wait she become ah ma lor. Doctor say Miki jie jie is not suitable to sterlise so no choice lor. Pity jiejie. haiz. This few days, every morning Mummy wake up she will see jie jie towel, urine pad and rawhile all outside the play pen. Guess who??? hehe of cos me and bobby gor gor leh. At night we alway steal her things and pee on her urine pad cos we too lazy to walk to kitchen lor. And even worst lor, bobby gor gor start to mark here and there. haiz Mummy have to clean until siao in the morning. Luckily, day time bobby gor gor would mark lor cos Mummy is around. Today only the 2nd day.... still got alot of days more. Quick quick finished and join us play..

Sunday, December 2, 2007


This is the first time Mummy brought this biscuit for us. Is made of real lamb but we still don't have not a chance to taste yet. Mummy say tomorrow then we can eat this biscuit.
This is all our favourite treat. Today Mummy buy more to keep cos 15th Dec she going for a short holiday. Now she start to worry about us liao every day have to nag at daddy remind this remind that. haiz..

Sunny Day!

Today Mummy decided to stay at home. So daddy have to pom pom for us. Recently Mummy keep feeling very tired and dizzy. Maybe going to caught a cold liao. So she prefer to stay at home and play with us and watch her drama. Morning she went market buy fresh chicken, vegetables and prepare this dinner for us. She chopped the vegetables and cut the chicken in small pieces and add 1 egg and steam for 30min. Cannot wait for today dinner yummy yummy..