Friday, November 30, 2007

Our style of sleeping

Mummy today damm bo liao lor. See what she take. Our style of sleeping. See how Miki jie jie sleep
Bobby gor gor sleep hor, only can see the fur cannot see his face. Sometimes he sleep Daddy alway say look like a mat....
Mummy alway say I the clever one. hehe. I alway sleep on this chair and do i look like a toy..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tue 27th Nov

Mummy n daddy went to AMK Hub and outside the coffee shop there. Mummy saw this guy and he doesn't move at all. Alot of people was standing there and watch him. Like Mummy take photo of him. We 3 rascal recently very guai as usual wait for mummy free then play with us. Take our treat and rawhile play with our toys. Mummy going Thailand in the mid of Dec and we will be staying at home with Daddy. She say she going to miss all of us and will give Daddy a call every day and sms him. Daddy have to update us to her. hehe After holiday, the 2 sweet chihuahua Paris and Missy coming to stay with us for 3 days. Quite a long time, they never come and stay with us liao. Mummy miss them alot. Mummy will post their photo when they come over in Dec....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sat, 24 Nov

This whole week is a busy week for our Mummy. And luckily we still got daddy to accompany and play with us. Finally, today our M come back early and we are so happy that we keep follow her even when she go toilet. haha. Tomorrow whole day M feel so guilty to leave us at home for such a long hours. We will be fine at home and entertain ourselves.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tues 20 Nov

Yesterday Mummy was having fever and slept whole day. So Michelle jie jie accompany us and played with us whole day. M only manage to take this photo for bobby gor gor. Cos me and Miki jie jie was running about and she got not much strength to run after us. M say next few days she will not be updating our blog. So readers pls bear with us and will update when M was more free.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is Michelle jiejie the new born baby Big sister. mmm do they look alike??
Now jiejie is staying with us and every day we play like siao with her. M too busy and tired to take any picture for us. Will try to update we 3 rascal photo asap..
ps : This photo is more on our M family. And this few days M too busy to spend time alone on us. But we don't blame her.

Busy day!!!

Congrat to Jessica Ah Yee. M new born niece Ms Teo Shiya born at KK hospital on Fri
M take this photo when Ah yee get ready to discharge on Sat.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thurs, 15 Nov

Can guess who is this? Look like what?
Haha is bobby gor gor

M told us say that Michelle jie jie will be coming to stay with us during school holiday. When we heard this hehe so happy cos we love to play, eat and sleep with her. Oh forget to introduce her, she is Jessica ah yee eldest daughter this year 9 yrs old liao. She alway come to stay with us when she have her school holiday. Then M will bring her out for outing and enjoying themselves without us. But we don't blame them during weekends we will all go out and enjoying ourselves or have fun at home. M this sat will go ah ma house and fetch michelle jie jie over. We so looking forward.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

M quick quick give me treat don't want take picture anymore liao.
Bobby gor gor face why like this lei?? He angry with M
wow now happy liao, cos M going to give us treat
After eating treat, happy faces. He pose himself to give M take photo.

Photo taking!!

Miki jie jie taking her dinner so only got this photo taking by M
M have to give me the rawhile bite to prevent me licking my paw
Bobby gor gor enjoying his rawhile
I like this... see how enjoying i am..
I tired after playing with M and bobby gor gor now taking a short break

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Japan drama

Recently our M hooked on japan drama. This few days we been accompany her watch her drama but of course she never forget us. She just finished this jdrama 14才の母 (14Sai No Haha ) Is about a 14-year-old Miki Ichinose becomes pregnant with her boyfriend's child. After struggling with the fact that she is pregnant, she decides that she will keep the baby and raise it by herself. The drama follows what this means for her, her family, her school life, the life of her boyfriend and his family, and the society in which she resides. Total : 11 episodes

Mummy told daddy said recently bobby gor gor keep bark and bark. Cos our india neighbour like to talk loudly outside the lift there and gor gor do not like black black people. But M do not want him to bark so alway have to calm him down. She tried alot of method to make him stop bark. The best way is M have to sit beside him and sayang him. M alway say bobby gor gor going to be 3 years old liao but the way he behave still like a puppy. Alway want attention. Haiz no choice who ask him is our M and D prince. Of course i'm also their prince leh but i not like gor gor bark to get attention. I will go and scratch the urine pad or newspapers when i unhappy and miki jie jie will anyhow pee and poo to get attention.

Mummy alway said there no bad dogs so daily she have to divide time for each of us. And be fair to 3 of us.

Recently alot of dog been abandoned by their owners and M hope that pet owners don't just treat their pets like dog, cat treat them like children like family members. When your child do wrong or naughty can you just throw them away leave them alone... NO WAY so the same goes for pets. They are also live got heart beat.... so please don't be so cruel to them. When you want to buy or adopt any pets please think twice before you do and be responsible to them until they old and gone to heaven...

PS : all this are our M 2 cents. so reader please bear with her and us.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


This taken in the morning when she fresh. See how awake she is.
Miki jie jie going to take her nap soon... What she seeing lei?? Nobody knows.
Bobby gor gor waiting for who lei??? Anybody coming???
After playing too tired liao. See both of us sleeping together... Mummy say very seldom got cos Bobby gor gor sleep don't like anyone of us to go near him. But today too tired to growl at me..
See my paw, recently i keep lick and lick.. Now Mummy got proof to show everybody...
Know why so blur, cos Mummy on the fan leh.
Bite until sian liao stop for awhile, why Bobby gor gor never come and snatch...
I am biting my bone, see hw big the bone is??

Recently, we seldom went out lor. But never mind, cos we got friend come over to play with us and alot of treat treat for us and toy for us to play. We don't mind to stay at home. We forever don't feel bored. We got each other accompany and our Mummy and daddy.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend at home!!!

Sorry guys for not showing any picture or update our blog. This weekend uncle Bernard and auntie Sabrina came to stay with us. Yesterday, whole day don't have our turn to use pc at all lor.Cos they use Mummy pc to play game and laptop to surf nets. Anyway Mummy was too busy to take any picture of us cos she need to entertain them and daddy friends. Yeah, daddy friends come over in the evening and stay until past mid-night then went back. And 3 of us was so happy that we do not need to sleep early and can play with uncle and auntie. Until 4 am in the morning then i and gor gor sleep. Mummy was saying to daddy that both of us are like guard dog when ever someone come over. We will busy following and see what they do. Guard them until they leave. Today, we do not go to pet lover at vivo for our showering session. Cos Mummy say that we just pom pom on wed. Next wk, then bathed. And also we will too tired liao that until now we will still taking our nap..

PS: Hope next wk, M will be free to take photo for us and blog. Be patience and wait for us. hehee

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mummy! Mummy!

On Wed Mummy slept at Ah Ma's hse never came back home. This time we did not follow M home. We stayed at home with daddy and accompany him. M say let D try out and get used with us alone without her. Cos December maybe M is going for a short holiday with Ah yee and Ah ma. She enjoying herself with the accompany of our human niece and nephew. Mummy keep calling Daddy to find out how are we. Daddy say we are fine but we keep looking at the door side see Mummy came back liao anot. As usual, we have our treat when we guai and D comb for us play with us and sayang us. We have to act happy and wage our tail so that D will be happy and show off to M. At wed night after Mummy had supper called home to check on us. Daddy say we going to sleep liao. But at 12 midnight Daddy called Mummy say that I go and lick lick him and asked him to wake up. Then bobby gor gor also lick him. Daddy wake up and we played. Daddy told Mummy maybe we are waiting for her to come back lor. Mummy asked daddy to tell us say she not coming back home and asked to go sleep first. Daddy done as Mummy said and we guai guai sleep through the whole night. Thurs evening at 9 past then Mummy came back home. We so happy to see her and keep asking her to carry us. And bobby gor gor get angry lor and growl at me. I also growl back end up we nearly fight. M and D carry each of us. Haiz... After cool down, M not going to carry anyone of us. She just give us treat treat and pat all of us. ... Yesterday night we so happy and ai xin liao sleep at 10pm.....