Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pom Pom!!!

Can guess who is this?? mmmm. me la
See i where got fat fat lei.. I look so thin when i am wet
I tired liao leh. Quick quick finished and let me take a nap lei.
After blow, i playing with my jie jie and gor gor. Daddy quick let me out and join them.
I done liao. But do not want to let Mummy take my front view. See how naughty i am..
Mummy say jie jie look no much different. Cos all black black. Mummy bath for her and taking her picture while blowing dry.
This is how close look jie jie fur look like..

After blow dry.... still look the same. haha

She playing with me

After grooming, Gor gor too thirsty, busy drinking water.
After drinking, messy again.
What is this on the floor lei?? Oh our grooming comb
See his face, every time after drinking water look like this.

Last sun we never went out cos Mummy not feeling well. So today daddy free pom pom for us. And Mummy busy taking photo for us.
This is bobby gor gor after pom pom and daddy blowing and combing he fur.
Picture is abit blur so please bear with us. Cos gor gor keep moving
Finally now abit dry liao. Can see bobby gor gor face liao. He seem abit tired.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy busy busy....

Nowadays Mummy very busy every day went out and leave us at home. But daddy at home to accompany us. But we still prefer Mummy to be at home, so sleep at the door side there to wait for her come back. When Mummy called back to check on us daddy will say we look bored and sad. When she around, she will shout at us when we bark, play with us, make us nice food and sayang us. Daddy also will played with us but we still prefer Mummy. Mummy mummy can you come back quick quick. Every day she reach home at 10 past, when she come back all the 3 of us will bark at her and ask her to carry and hugs us. She will give us treat treat and reward us for being guai guai at home. She promise that when she not so busy will cook or bake us nice food.

PS: Dear 3 baobei, sorry for waiting at home for me. Muack muack...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy afternoon!!

Our afternoon tea break. Oatmeal cake with cheese
After eat bao bao, Miki jie jie taking her afternoon nap
I waiting for daddy to come home.

Bobby gor gor watching his afternoon tv progamme.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our daily happening....

I waiting for my food..
Mummy quick lei, why so slow...
Bobby : I so guai, wait here...
Our today and tomorrow dinner.
This is the share of evening dinner for 3 of us.
Mummy cook dinner for us today. Last whole week we been eating our dry food cos Mummy not free to cook for us. Today, Mummy going to meet ah yee and ah ma go shopping will come back late. So early afternoon she prepare dinner for us first then asked Daddy to feed us tonight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boring Tues

Last night miki jie jie bark and whine again. Maybe she don't like to sleep at living room at night so Mummy decided to shift her play pen inside the room. So hope tonight we can sleep peaceful. Nothing much happen recently we been very guai sleep a few hrs for our afternoon nap so Mummy can do her work and take a rest. Evening, we played ourselves and Daddy played awhile with us but Mummy to busy to take photo for us. So today no picture to blog. Miki jie jie sleep already just now she keep smell outside her play pen so Mummy carry her in. She sleep soundly liao.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Miki Playpen

This is how Miki jie jie play pen look like. Miki jie jie menses is coming soon so now Mummy have to get her to get used of staying inside the play pen. Cos is been a long time she never stay inside the play pen liao. So Mummy put her play pen at the living room. So that she will be close to someone or us every minutes.
Last night was the 3rd day, 1st and 2nd day she never bark or whine at all. But yesterday after grooming she do not want to stay inside the play pen. At 2am she started to bark and wake Mummy up and Mummy just ignore her she will whine and whine. But Mummy never give in to her. But she disturbing Bobby gor gor and i leh. Cos she keep cry n cry... until she slept...

Early in the morning, she wake all of us up at 7am. She bark once and once until someone come near to her. Then she jump n jump wanting to come out. When everybody ignore her she whine and whine. After 9 past then Mummy clean her up and let her play with us.
She happy now, morning drink her daily milk with both of us. Now like very long never see Bobby gor gor and me keep lick lick us. eeeeee we don't like lei. Miki jie jie please go away leh.. hahaha

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thurs, 18 Oct

Mummy too bo liao leh, so take photo for us.
See my fur long liao. Mummy's alway say my size big, weight heavy and fur long very fast.
Bobby gor gor just wake up from his nap. Abit blur blur!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nothing much happened....

Morning 7 plus we wake up see M doing household and we wait at kitchen for our milk. But wait and wait still got nothing then i keep staring at M. Then she say poo poo still very soft so cannot drink milk milk lor. Haiz so sad. And our breakfast only dog food. Don't feel like eating so M just leave it there when we hungry we eat ourselves. Bobby gor gor nowadays very lazy, morning all of us wake up liao but he still sleeping and M so bian xin asked both of us don't disturb him. Miki jie jie yesterday never vomit anymore liao. Last night our dinner is potato with chicken. And all the 3 of us finished all in a few min times. hehe cos we were too hungry liao.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad day!!

Yesterday M and D early went to AMK hub shopping and leave the 3 of us at home. All 3 of us so sad cos when they not around we are not allow to room all over we can only stay at kitchen. But of cos we had our toy and rawhide to play and bite with. And radio or CD will be on for us to hear and enjoy. And our personal fan will make us cool. When M and D reach home we got poo poo but our poo poo is abit waterly and the best things is lost. Can guess hor. Miki jie jie eat all inside her stomach leh. Eeeeeeeeee so dirty right anot? She got this problem cos previously she used to stay inside cage with her previous breeder. So she damm dirty will eat her own shit or even others. When M around she don't dare or say no choice lor. Cos normally she will clear up immd. haiz. M so angry keep scold and scold. Both gor gor and i just sit one corner do not dare to move at all. Late afternoon, Daddy friends come over to play card again. M went to take her afternoon nap with Miki jie jie and the 2 of us haiz have to be dog watch to watch them. haha
At night when all went back D sleep liao. M was watching Superman return at HBO then she came in to see us. She saw Miki jie jie vomit all shit out. eeeee smelly and dirty. M got no choice all throw all the mattress cover away. The whole night she keep vomiting and make all of us cannot sleep. This morning we are not allow to have our daily milk. M say have to monitor us first then today we just have boil chicken without chicken.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chicken breast serve with potato

M say we so guai today so make us this. Chicken breast with potato put abit of Rosemerry herbs then put inside oven to bake for 1hrs. Yummy yummy can't wait to taste our dinner. M and D taste liao say very nice but not yet dinner time so we unable to taste lei. Don't know who dinner. Haiz 3 of us are so jealous

Our new wear

Joe : I'm wearing new T-shirt. Nice bo??
Joe : Is abit blur hor. Cos i keep moving and moving..

Joe : Bobby gor gor eating breakfast and don't want to share with me lei
Joe : I'm tired liao going to take my nap soon
Bobby : Am i handsome??
Bobby : Hehe i'm wearing new T-shirt same as Joe dee dee
Bobby : Our new toy, cute hor
Bobby : After taking so many photo i hungry liao. Give me a break to take breakfast lei

Miki : I don't have T-shirt all skirt.Then M think at home wearing skirt very funny. So i'm wearing Bobby dee dee T-shirt. Cos now he over-grown liao cannot wear anymore.
Miki : haha funny hor wearing this T-shirt

Miki : So angry all both boys so handsome. What am I???

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Joe vomit

Just now afternoon, as usual we play catching then all the sudden I vomit alot of white white things. M say must be i anyhow eat lor, then bobby gor gor growl at me leh. Cos after vomit i don't feel like playing anymore liao leh. Then i growl back and we nearly fight luckily M stopped us. I in a bad mood then he still want to disturb me i just sit on M leg and don't feel like moving at all. After awhile, i went back to room and take my nap liao. M at first decided not to cook for us tonight. Then change her mind again cos scare i don't want to eat dog food. Recently Miki jie jie also stop eating dog food liao unless M don't cook at all. Then she too hungry no choice eat abit lor. Now we are waiting for the 2nd layer of meat ball already. That our dinner of the day.


Before bake

After bake yummy yummy meatball

Recipes : (Make 27 meatball)
1) 1 cup of flour
2) 1/2 cup of whole meal flour
3) Minced Pork
4) 1 pcs of carrot chopped
5) 1 egg
6) Mix all ingredients together
7) Roll into ball
8) Put inside oven for 20min

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fish Loaf

Before put inside oven

After bake look like this.

Fish / Meat Loaf Recipes :
1) Cut into small pieces Fish or Meat (option : Chicken, lamb without bones)
2) Dou Miao, Beans and 1 tomato all chopped
3) Cook 1/2 cup of brown rice with 1/4 cup of rolled oats together
4) 1/2 cup of flour
5) Option : 1 Egg
6) Mix all ingredients with 1/2 tsp of garlic powder
7) Then bake for 40 min.
ps : You can put any type of vegetabels you like. Mummy's chopped the vegetables is because Bobby gor gor do not like to eat vegetables. For small dog like us we only get to eat egg once a wk or twice a wk. After eat the food, pls monitor your furkids cos some kids may allegic to some foods.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Grooming Day!!

Joe : Today is our grooming day, afternnoon M leave us there with the groomer. She fetch us at around 5 past. On the way back M take photo of me cos Bobby gor gor and Miki jie jie was inside their carrier.I'm so tired too lazy to open my eyes to see the camera.
Joe : I turn my head away don't want to see M
Joe : M please leh let me have a rest
Joe : I had a puppy cut today, see how handsome i am. Cute bo?
Miki : M been complaining say i shedded alot of fur and she cannot tahan anymore liao. So she asked the groomer to shave off my fur. But i still as pretty hor
Miki : M say not pretty this picture. So why she post?? Haiz..
Bobby : I did not cut puppy cut this time cos M want me to keep long fur. Then groomer tie a topknot for me but on the way back i take it out. So M say just leave it . I still handsome hor?
Joe : So jealous of bobby gor gor leh can take picture with Miki Jie jie. Haiz can see me anot i behind of them.