Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bobby gor gor birthday

Yesterday we celebrate gor gor birthday. Afternoon, US doggie deliver the cake early at 3 past. Haiz we have to wait until daddy reach home. Finally, daddy come back.. at 6 past we can eat those food liao.. but mummy's keep wanting to take photo. Gor gor growl at her cos he cannot wait to eat the cake.

Present for daddy..

Mummy's knit a long shirt for daddy. And she take a very long time to finish this work. haha previously mummy too busy and finally at last daddy get to wear the shirt. See how handsome my daddy, so smart..

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gor gor birthday coming soon...

This wed, is gor gor 2nd year birthday. Mummy say last year only got gor gor alone celebrate but this year got me and jie jie to celebrate together. She already order a bone cake and alot more yummy yummy food from US doggie. They will deliver over on wed. So the whole family will celebrate gor gor birthday. Now i start to countdown and wait to taste all the yummy food..

Our fur being cut short.

Last saturday, daddy got half day so brought us for full grooming at vivo city pet lovers. Gor gor and me fur being chop off by the groomer. Mummy leh say nowadays weather very hot and we alway play long fur difficult to maintain so cut our fur. But we still so cute and handsome. Jie jie short fur only do basic grooming lor. Her fur got nothing to cut haha cut liao been botak liao lor.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Snatching the cushion

I take the cushion and jump up on the chair and play. So happy. hehe

See gor gor look at what i doing and want to snatch the cushion away from me. Don't want give him. So i cover myself up.

We fight until now, so tired gor gor still don't want to give up. So each of us bite one end, i also don't want give in.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Not very clear, cos we enjoying our treat. Don't bother to look up at mummy.
This is jie jie bed bed, she will sleep there at night and when nobody is at home.

Just now mummy watching the animal showcase at scv ch 10. Is about dog in Japan, their accessories, cafe and hotel so nice and comfortable lei. The dog there so handsome and pretty mummy watch until eyes drop lor. Gor gor naughty boy lor keep bark and bark at the tv. Mummy angry so put both us inside the play pen. Only jie jie watch the show with mummy and daddy. But we got treat treat eat, jie jie don't have.

This is me, joe joe dee dee.

I'm guai guai and let daddy comb my fur lor. Not like gor gor and jie jie so naughty.
Wet wet so uncomfortable lei, daddy why so slow.
Mummy forgot to take my after bath picture lor. Cos jie jie pee pee on the floor. Why i so suay??
Jie jie try to run away.
Mummy blow jie jie dry.
Jie jie mei mei hor, mummy unable to take her photo after bath lor. She keep run and run, mummy give up liao.

Sunday at home

After bath, gor gor handsome boy hor.

Gor gor come back after bath, see so wet.
Daddy use the hair dryer and blow gor gor.
Gor gor trying to run away.. see outside the baby gate is me.

Today, we stay at home never go kai kai. So after breakfast, daddy boo boo for us lor. Only jie jie mummy boo boo for her lor. haha gor gor bath liao so thin and small... Daddy close the baby gate and don't allow me and jie jie go inside the kitchen. I wait outside, bark and bark. End up mummy scold and scold. I want to go and find gor gor mah. Also cannot mah. Mee mee also very siao want lor, take our picture after we showering and not nice nice want lor.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Our daily breakfast

We had our breakfast at different time.. have to wait for lady boss to wake up. Then she will give us each a bowl of cosi milk but now we can only drink abit daily. If not we all fat fat liao, after that we have wait for mummy free then can eat our biscuits for breakfast. We will take together with her at the coffee table. Hehe no leh, we eat on the floor and our lady boss take her on the table leh. We don't like use separate bowl lor, want to fight fight then nice mah. So gor gor and me will take the biscuit on the floor and eat lor. Our Lao dao jie will eat her using the bowl. After breakfast is time to play liao....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Miki jie jie vomit

Evening, mummy and daddy go out for dinner and when they come back. Give us eat treat treat to reward us guai guai at home. After awhile, jie jie start to vomit and daddy clean up for her. Then jie jie walk a few steps vomit again.. then again... so the whole night both mummy n daddy very busy mopping and cleaning. Mummy decide to put jie jie inside the play pen because gor gor and i keep wanting to kapo. Ai ya, just now mummy not around, jie jie eat my poo poo lor. See now vomit vomit liao..... Make daddy and mummy worried until now still cannot sleep have to monitor her.. Hope jie jie is fine.

Vanilla stick

Mummy give each of us a vanilla stick. But gor gor take all and when i go near he will growl at me. Jie jie, also waiting for her chance to snatch for bobby gor gor. See how gor gor is enjoying his stick, so selfish don't want to share with us. Finally, gor gor is sian liao. Haha we got our stick now is our time.. see how i enjoying.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boring day~~~

Today,daddy reach home at 1pm buy chicken rice for mummy to eat. Haiz gor gor, jie jie and i will all looking at mummy.. she so bad, just ignore us. After lunch she sayang us and say bye bye to us. She going gaga with daddy. We are gated inside kitchen and slept whole day..

Monday, April 2, 2007

Mummy's daily work

Nowadays, mummy worked from home and we are so happy to be with her all the time. gor gor likes to stick with mummy so much... Morning, she wake up at 9am then have to do housework, feed us cosi milk and breakfast. Then she have to work at the same time. Sometimes, got enquiry come in we are so naughty will bark at her. Nowadays, business like not very good, cos no calls come in at all. She so despressed no business no money and no treat treat or toy toy. Luckily, we still got daddy... At afternoon, when we taking our nap mummy will check mail and do her own things.... dunno what she do.. heehe.

Taking a afternoon nap!!

See how jie jie sleep. This is her favourite place to take a nap with our toy toy.

gor gor also taking a nap like dreaming of what....

This is me...