Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lazy lazy lazy M...

Nowadays M only sit infront of tv to watch her HK drama. No time to take picture for us. But she still played with us. Today the new LG tv come even worst, sian... We 2 boys going for our day care soon. Cos late afternoon they will deliver tv and sofa over. And poor miki jie jie will stay at home. Cos M say jie jie good gal will not bark when strangers come over. But we 2 monster will bark until that person go. Unless is M or D friends or relatives, we get to be introduce with one another not so bad. At the most, bobby gor gor will keep lick and lick. haha.. Nowadays jie jie just wan to hide at 1 corner or she prefer to stay at her own play pen. M say she old liao, and we boys played very rough she will scare. She no bother about anything else recently except when she see treat. She will bark and bark, which prove that she still normal. M do not know her actual age, through vets she almost 8 yrs plus liao, double the age that M adopt her from.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd time try!!

Yesterday Our M dry treat for us again, this time we having chicken, salmon, pig liver, potato. Sad to say that our lazy M do not take any picture. She spent 1 and 1/2 hours cutting the meat, and slice the potato.. haha but the time she put inside the dry machine is already 3.30pm and when is ready is already mid-night 3am. For potato just need about 5 hours cos M slice is very thin. She complain say that she do such a long time and wait and missed her beauty sleep but we ate it so fast. Those treat will last us less than a month. But when we ate it so happily so M think that it worth for every works. Nowadays our human baby had not been coming and we miss him alot. Recently M health not very good now she recover liao. We hope to see our little human boy next week. ... bobby gor gor getting barker and barker, esp at night. M lost her sleep and so stress and she do not want to lock us inside the room at night. But if gor gor continue like this, we no longer have our freedom at night liao. Now even when nobody at home, we are left to roam around the whole hse except M bed room. Cos she scare we will mark at her bed or play until siao liao anyhow pee and poo... But all this her imagination leh, we 2 boys not miki jie jie lor. We will only pee and poo at our urine tray on the pad outside the toilet. Forgot to say that Miki jie jie still put inside the play pen when nobody at home cos she old liao den to forget where to pee and poo. When she throwing temper or unhappy with M she will mark all over the house. But hor, funny leh she a female dog dunno why she behave like us.. haiz

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mummy get well soon!!

Our M got asthma and it been so many years liao. A few years never attack her again. And everybody said got asthma not suitable to keep pets especially dogs. But M and D do not believe and that why got the 3 of us in this family. But M alway will keep our house clean and our house every day also smell good cos we got 2 those spray and is lavender smell. One at near kitchen, one at living room. Cos we are all paper trained, and we do our business near the toilet. And when nobody is around M only open the kitchen window those on top 1 and 1 small one for us. But we had a classic music on and fan on for us. And we get a run the whole house except M room. Cos nowadays we got a baby human with us but we still get to sleep together at night. Recently baby stayed with Ah Ma cos M not feeling well. Now we have to stay close to M and prevent her from drinking coke and she get to rest in the day time. We do not disturb her and we only guai guai lie beside her. Today she much better liao, can play with us awhile and sayang us liao not like last few days lie on bed and sleep sleep sleep. haiz.... D been such a good helper to M take care of us, play with us and serve M.. Hope M get well soon and we can heard her shouting at us liao. haha

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our M first try

M first try not very successful haha. Cos she brought those chicken fillets which is properly cut from cold storage and is too thick. So the look not very nice. But taste good. haha. D loves the treat also and keep eating. M said wait finished liao ask him to make it for us too eat. We love the salmon alot.

This is the only successful treat. Pork and all of us including D and M eat with us also.. cant stop eating liao.. M unable to take the picture of the fruits cos D and us finished soon. Then M said next time then take picture liao lor.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Abit bo liao photo of us..

M using 2 different type of hp to take.. not very nice.. haiz.. My new style is puppy cut cos i have red spot on my body and suspects is allegy so M brought me to groomer and cut off my long fur. Abit not used to this ugly look, but M say i will grown back very fast.. Bobby gor gor still the same old look still the same big bully and Miki jie jie is having her menses so not suitable to join us the photo taking. Will show her only after her menses M said if not wait both of us will bully her and interested in her. And M not interested to carry grand child at all... hehe

Ezidri Snackmaker

Today mum and daddy went out to buy us the Ezidri Snackmaker and the snackmaker cost them a bomb. They brought it from CK Tang now selling at $218 small one and big one at $318. Our Mummy get the small one is more enough for we 3 rascal liao. From now on mummy will make us treat. She going to dry alot of food for us to eat. yummy yummy..... Can dry fruits, meat and alot more. For the first time, she going to dry the kunning fish, salmon, chicken fillets, pork. Tomorrow she going to try strawberry and apples.. Now all of us are waiting for our home made snacks liao..
(M lazy to take the before dry picture cos she very tired after shopping)
Will update the picture after dry.

ps : Life is short so Mummy and Daddy hope you 3 baobei will eat healthy and live long long...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long time never blog liao.....

Can you see the tiny baby sleeping and ignore us. No matter how bobby gor gor go and disturb him he don't even wake up......... See why my face so sad, firstly just wake up in the morning and secondly bobby gor gor got a new human toy don't want to play with me anymore. Ignore me haiz...
I continue to sleep leh. Hope to have a nice dream.. Lazy to wake up and see them. so angry..

Recently our Mummy very busy. Busy with us, busy with baby elvis and busy going short holidays. Last months she went to Thailand with Ah Ma, Ah yee and Jiu jiu and even baby elvis allow to go along too. But not us, we had to stay at home with daddy. Mummy said we had to guai guai and listen and accompany daddy. Cos daddy went out to work early in the morning and will reach home at 7 past. So the 3 of us had to stay at home and entertained ourselves. Miki jie jie had change her sleep place to the kitchen liao. M had shift her play pen to kitchen because recently baby elvis will sleep with them and jie jie sometimes very dirty and smelly lor. Until now she still eat her own poo. haiz mummy so headaches with her. Bobby gor gor and i more guai lor. We get along well with baby elvis and Mummy said luckily elvis is not afraid of us and will allow us to lick and lick. Time pass very fast now he going to be 5 mths next mon liao. And he really big in sizes lor. He already weight 7.8kg few weeks ago when he take his 2nd injection. Now he taking milk with 1 spoon of cereal during his day time feed. We sian lor, cos a human baby add in our life and our Mummy no time to cook for us. She had to pay more attention on us and baby. When she free, she would play and watch her favourite drama liao. Where got time to blog... no time take photo of us and update on us. But hor, we don't blame her lor. Cos is more fun to be baby we get to explore his whole body. From head to toe. hahahahah

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our new member a human baby

  • Due to some personal reasons, baby elvis had moved in and join our little world. So now our world is make up of 3 human being(2 adult with a little baby boy) and we 3 rascal (Miki,Bobby,Joe). Today is the 3rd day baby elvis stayed with us. This little boy do not afraid we 3 rascal and because of him we are not allowed to sleep with daddy and mummy. As baby elvis bed is not ready yet and our human being scared we will step on him. And mummy said we had to give this little boy to get used of our bark sound and our kisses. We kiss him from head to toe. hehe. And seem that this little boy quite enjoy our kisses. But a day we are only allowed to play with him awhile cos mummy scare we are too naughty and frighten him. We are so jealous of this little things cos he get all the attention from our M and D. But when he sleeping we will get to play with M and D. Nothing much change in our life except abit busy cos this little things get hungry easily and when we heard him cry we will run fast too him. He make us busy and busy. M will try to post photo of us but now she still do not have the chance to take our photo yet. haha.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bobby Gor gor

Still remember 3 years ago, i was so scared of you litte puppy. When daddy brought you home, i don't even dare to touch or go near you. Except when you inside your cage then i go and see how cute little boy you are. After that incidents, i start to fall in love with you until now i cannot live without you anymore. Cos you are my little prince. In your first week with us, all the sudden you collapse and admit hospital. I started to miss you have to go and visit you with daddy few times a day and called up to vet to check on you. We were so happy that you still with us after 3 years. Happy Birthday my little bao bei and hope you will live healthy and happy everyday. And treasure each other accompany daily..
After discharge from hospital, I don't even dare to leave you at home at all. Whenever i went, you alway stay in your carrier and follow us. Dadddy and i will bring you along and if really cannot bring you out we will stay at home and accompany. Because of you we have to stay at home to eat our meal. Unless those places pet are welcome. But we do not have any regret at all. Because nothing can replace you in our hearts.
Finally, you become a little adult liao. But still like puppy stage alway stick to us. You alway have the best care and concern from us. Happy to see you grown up to be healthy. Really scare to bring you visited vets cos we all had a bad experiences not once but alot more times. Remember you don't want to eats for weeks i had to cook for you. Have to spoon feed you, bit by bit. We thought all alot of ways finally we decided to take in another puppy and accompany and played with you. That your joe dee dee. After he joined our family, whenever we seen the 2 boys played and fight we are so happy too. Now you willing to eat back your dog food, like having buffets 24 hrs a day there will be food for you all to eat. Mummy learned alot of things from you guys and gals. Because of you, i learn to cook, bathed for you guys and read alot of books regard to pets. Now hehe i so experiences liao.

P.s : My3rascal Mummy posted

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long month for us.....

Baby Elvis Lim
Baby Nicole, M god-daughter, our mei mie.

Sorry readers our Mummy too busy to update our blog. Ever since Grandfather passed away, Mummy had to travel Bukit batok to Ah Ma house. Sometimes she even stayed there to accompany ah Ma. Our Papa had been very nice to look after the 3 of us. And new member had join our family is Baby Elvis Lim, Bernard uncle son. But until now, we have not played with him lor. Mummy showed us his photo. Recently Mummy no time to take any picture of us, but she never forgot us she every time come back home. Buy alot of treat, toys for us. And once she free she will whole day accompany and played with us.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year!!

This Chinese New Year is the worst day for all of us. Grandfather had pass away last wed. And funeral last for 5 days so the 3 of us had to stay boarding at pet shops. We only came back at grandmother house on mon. Mummy was so upset that she been crying and crying. She miss ah gong so much. We 3 rascal also miss ah gong and we been very guai never naughty or make noises. For awhile we will not be logged in to update cos our Mummy need to accompany ah ma..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dye our 2 boys coat

Mummy n daddy decide to dye our coat. But hor, have to see can book this Sun session anot. And is not cheap lor, per dog will cost $50.00. Today the 3 of us already cost them a bomb liao. Not Mummy pai xin never take any photo for Miki jie jie. Because once she reach home she sleep maybe she too tired cos she do her basic grooming today. Chinese new years is coming soon so our Mummy too busy to update our blog. But try to update once she is free.

Decide to keep long coat for bobby gor gor

Before grooming

Daddy have to comb for me and bobby gor gor every day
See how bobby gor gor during combing session daily

After grooming, mummy decided to keep my coat long, but i very dirty so they have to spend more time in grooming and taking care of me. Cos when i play my tear stains like siao and when i drink from bottle i also get my stains. Have to clean and clean and clean.....

My fur is kanna cut

Daddy bao bao me cos scare i will be upset because of the new look
See how sad face i got daddy still trying to make me see the camera

Before full grooming, my fur is long and messy
My new look, puppy cut. Cut hor.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To our Lady Boss

Today is a special days for our Mummy is her bark day. Mummy n daddy had their small celebration on last sat liao. And we 3 rascal stay healthy and happy as present can liao. That what Mummy wishes for her birthday. Daddy come back with a little surprise with a small cake and his kiss haha...

PS : 3rascal wish Our Mummy stay pretty and happy..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I handsome bo??
Guess what i see and laught at... M making woof woof sound leh. so funny
M said i very gd boy lor, cos all picture taken so nice... haha so happy

M playing with her Hp camera see what bo liao picture she take for us.
M say bobby gor gor nowadays don't like to take photo liao. Very difficult
Haiz after so many shots still cannot take a nice photo of gor gor
Miki jie jie

Our bo liao Mummy

Bobby gor gor fall asleep cos nobody want to play with him
Our Miki jie jie hide inside her play pen and don't want us go near her
See she going to fall asleep soon
Haha our sofa bed still alive but abit spoilt cos when i bored i go and bite the wood

After awhile, i oso sian liao.. going to take my nap too.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Miki jie jie is back with us

Miki jie jie did not go any where lor. Just that she been placed to stay inside the room for almost a month cos her dao yi ma (Menses) come and our M still do not want to be Ah Ma so have to separate all of us. Yesterday, M bathed for her and she xiang xiang liao then let her roam about. Oh sorry no picture to show cos M forgot to take any photo for her and us. Recently she abit busy and blur lor. Chinese new years is coming soon, So M still considering cutting our fur or keep long. Haiz... she just cut her hair and do treatment today so now she want to cut ours.. Soon there will be answer liao cos she going to book our full grooming soon. Before Chinese new year we all mei mei / handsome and xiang xiang liao.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Our New Year Wish In 2008 :

- Hope to go gai gai every day
-NIce food to eat and do not have to eat any kibbles
-More treat and toys
-New bedding and clothings
-Mummy accompany us 24 hrs a day
-Do not have to stay at home without Mummy / Daddy
-A human baby boy or gal to accompany us

Hope everybody have a wonderful holiday.....