Monday, August 18, 2008

Mummy get well soon!!

Our M got asthma and it been so many years liao. A few years never attack her again. And everybody said got asthma not suitable to keep pets especially dogs. But M and D do not believe and that why got the 3 of us in this family. But M alway will keep our house clean and our house every day also smell good cos we got 2 those spray and is lavender smell. One at near kitchen, one at living room. Cos we are all paper trained, and we do our business near the toilet. And when nobody is around M only open the kitchen window those on top 1 and 1 small one for us. But we had a classic music on and fan on for us. And we get a run the whole house except M room. Cos nowadays we got a baby human with us but we still get to sleep together at night. Recently baby stayed with Ah Ma cos M not feeling well. Now we have to stay close to M and prevent her from drinking coke and she get to rest in the day time. We do not disturb her and we only guai guai lie beside her. Today she much better liao, can play with us awhile and sayang us liao not like last few days lie on bed and sleep sleep sleep. haiz.... D been such a good helper to M take care of us, play with us and serve M.. Hope M get well soon and we can heard her shouting at us liao. haha

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