Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bobby Gor gor

Still remember 3 years ago, i was so scared of you litte puppy. When daddy brought you home, i don't even dare to touch or go near you. Except when you inside your cage then i go and see how cute little boy you are. After that incidents, i start to fall in love with you until now i cannot live without you anymore. Cos you are my little prince. In your first week with us, all the sudden you collapse and admit hospital. I started to miss you have to go and visit you with daddy few times a day and called up to vet to check on you. We were so happy that you still with us after 3 years. Happy Birthday my little bao bei and hope you will live healthy and happy everyday. And treasure each other accompany daily..
After discharge from hospital, I don't even dare to leave you at home at all. Whenever i went, you alway stay in your carrier and follow us. Dadddy and i will bring you along and if really cannot bring you out we will stay at home and accompany. Because of you we have to stay at home to eat our meal. Unless those places pet are welcome. But we do not have any regret at all. Because nothing can replace you in our hearts.
Finally, you become a little adult liao. But still like puppy stage alway stick to us. You alway have the best care and concern from us. Happy to see you grown up to be healthy. Really scare to bring you visited vets cos we all had a bad experiences not once but alot more times. Remember you don't want to eats for weeks i had to cook for you. Have to spoon feed you, bit by bit. We thought all alot of ways finally we decided to take in another puppy and accompany and played with you. That your joe dee dee. After he joined our family, whenever we seen the 2 boys played and fight we are so happy too. Now you willing to eat back your dog food, like having buffets 24 hrs a day there will be food for you all to eat. Mummy learned alot of things from you guys and gals. Because of you, i learn to cook, bathed for you guys and read alot of books regard to pets. Now hehe i so experiences liao.

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