Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our new dog food timberwolf

Today, mummy change our canidae dog food to timberwolf. And gor gor very naughty lor, eat only the new food he pick and pick. Those canidae food he will just leave outside the bowl. And me of cos eat all. haha cos i not so picky as gor gor. Jie jie the same as me. Jie jie can come out of her play pen and play with us liao. She so happy, and guai never anyhow pee pee liao. Mummy's so happy, cos normally jie jie sometimes will accidently pee in the living room or on the floor mat. No photo to post so please bear with us. Nowadays lady boss to busy to take our photo.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Boring boring

Jie jie why still have not finished her menses lei. Mummy don't dare to let jie jie run about. So she stay in her play pen. Gor gor and i still the same lor. Morning eat breakfast play then afternoon sleep until evening wake up eat dinner play then sleep again. wow why our life so boring. When mummy and daddy will bring us go gai gai again lei. Wait until our neck long long liao leh. Our indian neighbour very dao yan leh keep making noises disturbing us lei. Gor gor keep bark and bark. Then mummy keep shout and shout. Wow liao can stop anot. I'm a gently boy so i continue my afternoon nap. haha. Recently mummy no time to take photo of us so nothing to post. Please bear with us.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Long time nv post

This is Shuting jie jie, pretty anot? haha

Last few weeks mummy very busy no time to post. Cos ting ting jie jie having school holidays so come our house to stay with us. Mummy have to teach her do school works then bring her go gai gai and leave us at home. But we not angry lor, cos when she around she will give us all her time. And of course we like ting ting jie jie, she will play with us. But ting ting jie jie had gone back ah ma house liao. Haiz we going to miss her.