Monday, January 28, 2008

Dye our 2 boys coat

Mummy n daddy decide to dye our coat. But hor, have to see can book this Sun session anot. And is not cheap lor, per dog will cost $50.00. Today the 3 of us already cost them a bomb liao. Not Mummy pai xin never take any photo for Miki jie jie. Because once she reach home she sleep maybe she too tired cos she do her basic grooming today. Chinese new years is coming soon so our Mummy too busy to update our blog. But try to update once she is free.

Decide to keep long coat for bobby gor gor

Before grooming

Daddy have to comb for me and bobby gor gor every day
See how bobby gor gor during combing session daily

After grooming, mummy decided to keep my coat long, but i very dirty so they have to spend more time in grooming and taking care of me. Cos when i play my tear stains like siao and when i drink from bottle i also get my stains. Have to clean and clean and clean.....

My fur is kanna cut

Daddy bao bao me cos scare i will be upset because of the new look
See how sad face i got daddy still trying to make me see the camera

Before full grooming, my fur is long and messy
My new look, puppy cut. Cut hor.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To our Lady Boss

Today is a special days for our Mummy is her bark day. Mummy n daddy had their small celebration on last sat liao. And we 3 rascal stay healthy and happy as present can liao. That what Mummy wishes for her birthday. Daddy come back with a little surprise with a small cake and his kiss haha...

PS : 3rascal wish Our Mummy stay pretty and happy..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I handsome bo??
Guess what i see and laught at... M making woof woof sound leh. so funny
M said i very gd boy lor, cos all picture taken so nice... haha so happy

M playing with her Hp camera see what bo liao picture she take for us.
M say bobby gor gor nowadays don't like to take photo liao. Very difficult
Haiz after so many shots still cannot take a nice photo of gor gor
Miki jie jie

Our bo liao Mummy

Bobby gor gor fall asleep cos nobody want to play with him
Our Miki jie jie hide inside her play pen and don't want us go near her
See she going to fall asleep soon
Haha our sofa bed still alive but abit spoilt cos when i bored i go and bite the wood

After awhile, i oso sian liao.. going to take my nap too.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Miki jie jie is back with us

Miki jie jie did not go any where lor. Just that she been placed to stay inside the room for almost a month cos her dao yi ma (Menses) come and our M still do not want to be Ah Ma so have to separate all of us. Yesterday, M bathed for her and she xiang xiang liao then let her roam about. Oh sorry no picture to show cos M forgot to take any photo for her and us. Recently she abit busy and blur lor. Chinese new years is coming soon, So M still considering cutting our fur or keep long. Haiz... she just cut her hair and do treatment today so now she want to cut ours.. Soon there will be answer liao cos she going to book our full grooming soon. Before Chinese new year we all mei mei / handsome and xiang xiang liao.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Our New Year Wish In 2008 :

- Hope to go gai gai every day
-NIce food to eat and do not have to eat any kibbles
-More treat and toys
-New bedding and clothings
-Mummy accompany us 24 hrs a day
-Do not have to stay at home without Mummy / Daddy
-A human baby boy or gal to accompany us

Hope everybody have a wonderful holiday.....