Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our new member a human baby

  • Due to some personal reasons, baby elvis had moved in and join our little world. So now our world is make up of 3 human being(2 adult with a little baby boy) and we 3 rascal (Miki,Bobby,Joe). Today is the 3rd day baby elvis stayed with us. This little boy do not afraid we 3 rascal and because of him we are not allowed to sleep with daddy and mummy. As baby elvis bed is not ready yet and our human being scared we will step on him. And mummy said we had to give this little boy to get used of our bark sound and our kisses. We kiss him from head to toe. hehe. And seem that this little boy quite enjoy our kisses. But a day we are only allowed to play with him awhile cos mummy scare we are too naughty and frighten him. We are so jealous of this little things cos he get all the attention from our M and D. But when he sleeping we will get to play with M and D. Nothing much change in our life except abit busy cos this little things get hungry easily and when we heard him cry we will run fast too him. He make us busy and busy. M will try to post photo of us but now she still do not have the chance to take our photo yet. haha.