Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd time try!!

Yesterday Our M dry treat for us again, this time we having chicken, salmon, pig liver, potato. Sad to say that our lazy M do not take any picture. She spent 1 and 1/2 hours cutting the meat, and slice the potato.. haha but the time she put inside the dry machine is already 3.30pm and when is ready is already mid-night 3am. For potato just need about 5 hours cos M slice is very thin. She complain say that she do such a long time and wait and missed her beauty sleep but we ate it so fast. Those treat will last us less than a month. But when we ate it so happily so M think that it worth for every works. Nowadays our human baby had not been coming and we miss him alot. Recently M health not very good now she recover liao. We hope to see our little human boy next week. ... bobby gor gor getting barker and barker, esp at night. M lost her sleep and so stress and she do not want to lock us inside the room at night. But if gor gor continue like this, we no longer have our freedom at night liao. Now even when nobody at home, we are left to roam around the whole hse except M bed room. Cos she scare we will mark at her bed or play until siao liao anyhow pee and poo... But all this her imagination leh, we 2 boys not miki jie jie lor. We will only pee and poo at our urine tray on the pad outside the toilet. Forgot to say that Miki jie jie still put inside the play pen when nobody at home cos she old liao den to forget where to pee and poo. When she throwing temper or unhappy with M she will mark all over the house. But hor, funny leh she a female dog dunno why she behave like us.. haiz