Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jie jie so pity

Jie jie have to stay inside her play pen cos her auntie come and find her. hehe. Mummy say jie jie got menses so i and gor gor cant bully her so have to confined her inside. She shown us a sad face. I and gor gor where will bully her lei. Mummy so funny... But gor gor not sterlised yet lor so mummy scare he will make jie jie stomach big big. hehe i sterlised liao so of course cannot do anything leh. See jie jie so pity i also cannot help lor i continue enjoy myself.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A day at home

Yesterday we are left at home, mummy and daddy go back to ah ma house early in the morning. So gor gor and i are left together with baby and honey in the kitchen. We slept the whole morning cos we wake up very early in the morning. Gor gor don't even want to drink his cosi milk haha i finished all for him lor. By the time, mummy and daddy reach home is already 2 plus in the afternoon liao. Daddy bath for us and mummy bath for jie jie lor. Then they go kai kai again left us at home. This time even late come back, around 8 plus then they reach home. Gor gor so angry keep barking at mummy. So mummy have to sayang him first then sayang me and jie jie lor. I'm a good boy seldom bark except when start to play with gor gor then you can heard i bark bark bark.. hehe.. what a boring day we have.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Honey and baby

Left-hand side is honey, 7mth plus brought at vivo pet lover. One day, mummy's came home with a green cage inside got a small rabbit. The 3 of us will so surprised guessing what is inside the cage. Then mummy's introduce us and say this is our mei mei. Haha funny is that daddy come home big surprised cos mummy's all the long wanting to buy a rabbit but daddy say our family got so many babies to feed and take care liao. So drag and drag!! Finally, mummy fall in love with honey and brought her home straight without consider much.

Right-hand side is baby, 7mth plus given by ah yee lor. Brought at vivo pet lover also, ah yee brought her when mummy's brought mei mei. But ah yee cannot cope cos she have 3 kids to look after so have to think twice before buying any pets. So one evening mummy's and daddy's went to ah yee house to fetch baby.

This is how our big family come by.....