Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Picture of my 3 rascal

Taken sunday morning with mummy. We are preparing to go out. See i laugh until so happy. haha
Bobby gor gor after grooming so tired. See he sleep so sweetly
Me me me, growing bigger and bigger liao. Everybody saw me ask mummy n daddy why i so big sizes. haiz, so sad to hear this. All because of gor gor leh, so small sizes and people alway say i the eldest and gor gor become dee dee liao. Luckily, mummy dote on me alway say although i big sizes but i cute n handsome. Alway her daring muack muack

Jie jie sleep at her favourite places, beside is our toy toy lor. She can sleep whole days lor and ignoring us. Only when she hungry or need to pee or poo then you can see her walking. Getting fatter and fatter liao still don't want to exercise

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A day at Pawtobello cafe

Miki jie jie so happy. Laughing so sweet.
After play, resting now
Gor gor busy eating and playing. Don't want to take any picture.
This is me, joe dee dee. I so tired after playing. Feel like taking a nap then mummy called me want take a picture of me. I say only one cos i really tired liao.

It been a long time mummy never update our blog liao.Recently she been very busy and our life got nothing special.Yesterday, mummy and daddy brought us to pawtobello cafe is located at Mohd Sultan. But gor gor and i very naughty keep marking marking. haha the jie jie there very busy cos ned to mop and spray our urine. Mummy keep saying sorry and sorry to them. Finally, we pity our mummy we stop marking but now we growl at those dog. See how naughty we are. Our miki jie jie very guai lor and let those jie jie hug and carry take photo.The worst part is mummy forgot bring the camera which she charge in the morning out. So we only take a few picture from her hp. She ordered a chicken, lamb and fruit meal for us. But we don't really like the food there cos we just want to play with our new friends there. But we do eat abit this and that. hehe. After playing and run about we tired, so just lie down there and rest. Daddy ordered a watermelon juices for us but nobody of us drink. We prefer the plain water. Next time mummy promise to bring us there again but this time must remember to bring the camera along.