Friday, August 31, 2007

S.H.E Ella dog qiang qiang

Ella had wrote a song for her dog qiang qiang. When mummy heard this song she just want to share with all dog lovers. Mummy's start to think when one day one of us had gone how she going to gone through. Then her tears start to fall............. Enjoy the video.

Babies taking nap!!

Gor gor sleep until so sweet and mummy's say he even shake his tail. Don't know what dream gor gor having...

This is me lor, i taking a nap at my favourite place

Jie jie, like to sleep at this mattress.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Red spot found

Yesterday mummy found gor gor body and paw got a few red spot, so she put on cream for him. But gor gor like very ichy keep scratch and scratch. So mummy have to carry him to prevent him for scratching. At night, mummy check me and gor gor again. This time, my body got a few red spot so she put cream on us. Daddy say if continue spreading we going to see vet tonight. Nowadays mummy very tired and stress cos jie jie keep anyhow pee and poo. She so angry with her scold beat oso no use. Haiz,,, jie jie why so stupid lei. So old liao still dunno how to pee and poo. Every time mummy scold jie jie liao gor gor very kpo will bark and bark at her. Gor gor nowadays oso very naughty lor, keep barking and barking. Especially when someone visit our house. The 3 of us not guai recently cos we making our mummy so upset and she have to keep an eye on us every now and then.

Friday, August 3, 2007

My 3 rascal

Finally mummy's take the picture of me and gor gor together after many try. Cos normally not i look away or gor gor turn away. haha. We like to take picture but love to disturb mummy's. She got no patience get angry easily lor. So will give up!!! See her so pity yesterday night first shot she take we guai guai look at the camera. Haha nice nice. Second shot hehe gor gor turn away his head, only i guai guai look at the camera. Mama angry liao dun take anymore cos gor gor keep bark at her. Jie jie sleeping liao so never take her lor. Next time mummy try harder to take the 3 of us together.