Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ezidri Snackmaker

Today mum and daddy went out to buy us the Ezidri Snackmaker and the snackmaker cost them a bomb. They brought it from CK Tang now selling at $218 small one and big one at $318. Our Mummy get the small one is more enough for we 3 rascal liao. From now on mummy will make us treat. She going to dry alot of food for us to eat. yummy yummy..... Can dry fruits, meat and alot more. For the first time, she going to dry the kunning fish, salmon, chicken fillets, pork. Tomorrow she going to try strawberry and apples.. Now all of us are waiting for our home made snacks liao..
(M lazy to take the before dry picture cos she very tired after shopping)
Will update the picture after dry.

ps : Life is short so Mummy and Daddy hope you 3 baobei will eat healthy and live long long...

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Angie said...

Hi I am thinking of getting the Ezidri Snackmaker and chanced upon your website.

Is the product good and does your mum enjoy using it? Hope to know more about your mum's experience in using it.

Hope to get a reply and thank you in advance.